Oak Ridge Supports Nuclear & Advanced Energy

Innovation, Manufacturing, and Movement.

The Oak Ridge Technology Corridor is a place that brings the triple-threat advantage to companies who locate here.

As an original site for the Manhattan Project that launched the U.S. into the Atomic Age, the Oak Ridge community has uniquely supported the development of advanced energy in their backyard.

The nuclear industry has uniquely found a welcome home in the Oak Ridge community, with recent major projects and initiatives such as new small modular reactor projects coming online to advanced fusion reactor developments at the Oak Ridge National Labs, as well as other private and public developments.

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The Oak Ridge Corridor: No Better Place

Labor Statistics for the Nuclear & Advanced Energy Sector

Come to see for yourself. The Oak Ridge labor shed houses an energetic workforce.

source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/

Oak Ridge Powers the Energy Sector

Many energy-based private businesses, contractors, and public organizations represent this space in the Oak Ridge community.

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