Oak Ridge Drives Advanced Manufacturing

Innovation, Manufacturing, and Movement.

The Oak Ridge Technology Corridor is a place that brings the triple-threat advantage to companies who locate here.

When companies locate in Oak Ridge, they enjoy a privileged place in the advancement of new technologies. That part should be obvious. But the East Tennessee region also brings manufacturing and logistical advantages.

The automotive industry has long found a welcome home in East Tennessee. Along with advantageous adjacency to these manufacturers and their workforce, the nearby intersection of America’s two biggest interstate systems, I-40 and I-75, puts 50% of the U.S. population within a 9-hour drive.

See what makes Oak Ridge a hub for both R&D and Manufacturing

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The Oak Ridge Corridor: No Better Place

Labor Statistics for the Advanced Manufacturing Sector

The Oak Ridge labor shed includes a unique combination of know-how and can-do. Check out the muscle we have in advanced manufacturing in our region.

source: https://dc.library.northwestern.edu

Advanced Manufacturing Moves Ahead in Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge employers are building the products of today with the technologies of tomorrow.

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