Born in war and rich in natural beauty, Oak Ridge is the “Secret City” with a big story to tell. From the peaceful waterfront to the innovative achievements, there is always more to explore in Oak Ridge. 

Extensive Greenways and Waterfront

The Oak Ridge Corridor is filled with a multitude of recreational assets for today's workforce. As an official Tree City USA Community, as designated by the Arbor Day Foundation, Oak Ridge is full of wonderful green spaces to enjoy. In fact, the city itself is home to more than 85 miles of greenways with walking and bike trails, along with 173 miles of lakeshore. For rowing fans, Oak Ridge is known as America's favorite rowing venue, drawing thousands of rowers each year for training and competitions on one of the best 2,000-meter courses in America.

Nationally Recognized Tourism Assets

Historical tourism is the main staple of Oak Ridge tourism, with major attractions like the American Museum of Science & Energy and its K-25 History Center, the Manhattan Project National Park system, the Oak Ridge Children's Museum and the Oak Ridge History Museum, among others. Additionally, Oak Ridge's next-door neighbor, Oliver Springs, boasts one of the busiest ATV parks in the nation, Windrock Park, and the nationally recognized Great Smoky Mountains National Park lies within less than 2-hour drive time.

Culture and the Arts

The Oak Ridge community has long enjoyed arts and cultural assets far beyond that of most cities of comparable size. Oak Ridge boasts a city band, a symphony, art center, playhouse and performing arts theater, and civic ballet, among other arts and cultural assets.

Explore Oak Ridge

Explore Oak Ridge is a non-profit organization contracted with the City of Oak Ridge to market the tremendous recreational and tourism assets found within the City. Want to know more about what there is to do in Oak Ridge? Just visit or stop by their offices at the Chamber of Commerce for more info.

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