Horizon Center


Horizon Center is a greenfield industrial park that is relatively flat and already has 500 acres set aside for environmental preservation and protection. The park contains a TVA Certified Data Center Site and a State of Tennessee Certified Industrial Site. Additionally, Horizon Center is home to the Carbon Fiber Technology Facility (CFTF), the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) pilot demonstration facility for reducing the cost of carbon fiber, positioning the park for substantial additive manufacturing activity.

Horizon Center is in close proximity to the many sources of intellectual development and state-of-the-art equipment that are part of the unrivaled heritage of Oak Ridge. The Oak Ridge area offers a wealth of support in precision manufacturing, technology development, quality assurance, energy, science, and environmentally conscious manufacturing. With all its amenities, Horizon Center is positioned to become a regional center for a new generation of employment opportunities and a center for innovative business and industry.

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